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Dallas, August 13, 2021 -- Based on recent research on the diagnostic imaging market, Lucintel is pleased to announce General Electric Company’s Vscan Air™ as the recipient of the “2021 Product Innovation Award in the Diagnostic Imaging Market”. Lucintel chose General Electric Company for this award because of its novel SignalMax technology, which delivers crystal clear image quality, along with whole-body scanning capabilities, and intuitive software; all in the palm of clinicians’ hands.

General Electric Company’s Vscan Air™ is the cutting-edge wireless pocket-sized ultrasound device, which provides exceptional image quality and advanced visualization software. This device includes software presets for fast scanning along with single-button probe for easy image capture and freezing, and its intuitive set-up and scan start-up, enables users to pair the probe and start scanning immediately. It also possesses the capability to scan both shallow and deep effortlessly with a simple flip of the two-sided probe design (high frequency linear and convex transducer probe), without switching probes in-between or during clinical exams. Thus, it has become an important tool to quickly capture the image of the heart as well as lungs both in and outside the hospital.

General Electric Company’s Vscan Air™ is one of the smallest and lightweight handheld ultrasound devices, which delivers high-intensity ultrasound signals, enabling high-quality imaging and achieving 77% power reduction compared to off-the-shelf analog front end components. It is a well-designed and powerful tool, which is easy to clean and easy to use and the image, which you can get of the heart on this handheld device are similar to what the user can get from a full-sized, high-end ultrasound. It helps the clinicians to quickly collect images and triage patients while also providing the benefits of portability, clean ability, and workflow efficiency. 

Lucintel’s awards in innovation and industry excellence recognize outstanding achievements and latest endeavors by companies in various industries, identifying the most successful, innovative, and forward-thinking companies and products in business today. Lucintel awards are based on systematic and detailed research on the relevant markets to identify and recognize the most successful recent innovations. These initiatives enable companies to demonstrate high levels of industry impact and benefits to end users. To know more contact Lucintel at +1-972-636-5056 or click on this link

About Lucintel

Lucintel, a premier market research and Management Consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas, has served over 1,000 clients for over 20 years. With our in-depth analysis and sage advice, Lucintel offers solutions for your growth through game changing ideas and analysis of robust markets and unmet needs. Lucintel has been quoted in esteemed publications, including The Wall Street Journal, ZACKS, and The Financial Times. For further information, visit

About General Electric Company

General Electric Companies headquartered in New York, United States and is the leading medical technology and digital solutions company, which enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform. General Electric Company’s Vscan Air™’s provides clinicians with smaller and smarter tools, which helps in increasing access and efficiency both in and outside of the four walls of the hospital, as shown in Company’s aim is to develop solutions, which improves the care of people globally. For further information, visit


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