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Lucintel has worked with over 1,000 clients worldwide since 1999 to understand their growth challenges and then to formulate the best strategy to achieve sustainable growth. Over the last 20 years, Lucintel has conducted consulting projects in growth opportunity, market entry strategy, opportunity screening, mergers and acquisition, commercial due diligence, etc. for corporate customers and PE firms. Below are some examples of consulting projects completed by Lucintel.

Due Diligence - A Case Study

Company: An International Private Equity Firm Investment Group

Issue: How do we minimize our risk?

One of our clients wanted to invest several million dollars in a wind turbine component supplier. Before the investment was made, the client was deeply interested in minimizing as much risk as possible.

Lucintel's Solution: Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, SWOT Analysis. Responding to this client's needs, the Lucintel team assisted with a key strategic decision whereby the main objectives of the project were achieved by conducting the following analysis:

  • Historical and projected supply and demand analysis
  • Comparison of technical capabilities of the target with global leading players
  • Price and profitability analysis: cost competitiveness of the target as compared to leading players
  • Competitive analysis: market shares of major players as compared to the target
  • Risk assessment of the target as well as overall market
  • SWOT analysis of the target


Market Entry Strategy - A Case Study

Company: A Fortune 100 Chemical Company

Issue: Identify attractive opportunities for growth for a new material, which offers significantly higher tensile strength, tensile modulus and fatigue strength. How much will customers pay for specific improved product performance characteristics? Develop a roadmap for market entry.

A Fortune 100 materials supplier wanted to identify and characterize unmet needs of the marine, wind energy and sporting goods industries. They wanted to direct research toward solutions with the highest value and market impact.

Lucintel's Solution: In-depth Interviews, Needs Assessment, Strategy Development Lucintel conducted more than 50 in-depth interviews among material suppliers, fabricators and OEMs for various composite applications in the three market segments to identify their most pressing improvement needs. Opportunities were analyzed and screened by:

  • Market and application
  • Type of need (mechanical, thermal, environmental, aesthetic, speed, cost savings)
  • Buyer percentage improvement hurdle
  • Tangible impact of attribute
  • Price to performance sensitivity

Results: Saved time and money and gained focus.

  • The client was able to prioritize the three top composite markets and applications.
  • The company optimized its R&D spend
  • Addressed needed improvements with its materials and technology
  • Formulated an overall market entry strategy for the composites industry
  • Created an approach for the individual markets and applications.


Strategic Growth Consulting - A Case Study

Company: A leading automotive filter manufacturer

Issue: A leading automotive filter manufacturer wanted to enter the medium and heavy duty truck filter market. They decided to move forward with a potential Build/Buy strategy

Lucintel’s Solution:

  • Lucintel analyzed capability of client to find if they could leverage their capability to produce medium and heavy duty filters.
  • Provided detailed value chain analysis, competitive analysis, synergy analysis, and investment thesis.
  • Developed business plan and go-to-market strategy.

Results: Lucintel’s findings and recommendations help the client in successful expansion in to the heavy duty truck filter market


Opportunity Screening and Analysis: A Case Study

Company: An International Aerospace Component Manufacturer

Issue: How do we best break into a new market?

The premier global aerospace component manufacturer wanted to expand its products into business jet and defense market. The company needed to identify higher performance, niche applications for their product to leverage its performance and engineering design strengths.

Lucintel’s Solution: Market Segment Analysis and Market Entry Strategy.

Lucintel conducted detailed telephone interviews and surveys with knowledgeable industry contacts associated with the use of aerospace component in commercial, business jet and defense markets. Lucintel delivered:

  • The state of the market: size, growth, global influences, product availability, price pressures, substitutes and competition
  • Specific products and applications experiencing successful conversion and prediction of future products ripe for change.
  • Performance requirement and cost reduction trends for the last five years.
  • Forecast of product requirements in the next five years
  • Supplier entry options on how a vendors would best present and capture a technical solution to this industry

Results: Profitable Market Expansion

Based on the conclusions of the Lucintel study, the client was able to capture several high value applications in the aerospace and defense market.


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