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Developing a sufficiently detailed understanding of which markets offer the greatest opportunity — and whether that opportunity is sustainable — can be a complex task. Many factors must be considered, such as application requirement, cost of change to fabricators, processing conditions, market size, market potential and competition. We identify next leg for your growth by screening and prioritizing opportunities based on your synergy, fit, market size, growth, drivers, barrier to entry, etc

Additionally, shifting trends which open — or close — the potential market opportunity must be fully assessed. The complexity of this exercise is compounded where multiple market segments are being analyzed.

Lucintel has developed proprietary models and market assessment tools to support rigorous screening, evaluation and prioritization processes. These models and tools are used to screen and rank specific applications

In many cases, the cost of developing and actively pursuing an application for a material or technology can exceed $1 million, when including the cost of product design, testing, prototyping, sales and marketing. Therefore, it becomes crucial to identify the best applications in the earliest phase of the budgeting and resource allotment process. This prevents wasting resources in the application development process where the chances of success are limited. Lucintel offers clients an unbiased perspective that saves them from costly mistakes while providing insight into the best opportunities. This insight provides a greater chance of success for clients’ products and technology systems. Identifying the best opportunities from more than thousands of applications becomes a challenging task and requires unique expertise and intimate market knowledge.

Identifying the best opportunities from more than thousands of applications becomes a challenging task and requires unique expertise and intimate market knowledge.

Our interactions with companies suggest that a typical company works on hundreds to thousands of new opportunities per year and only a few brings them business. Our proven opportunity screening technique helps companies identify low-hanging fruits based on pro-active approach and provides significant return on investment. With small investment, our approach helps companies identify next leg for growth.

Key facts:

  • With over 15 years of experience, Lucintel has the skills, knowledge and expert staff in materials, technologies and markets to accurately identify and verify the correct information regarding market size, growth and future drivers and challenges. Importantly we are experienced and ideally positioned to drive the right conclusions and strategies for successful returns.
  • We screen thousands of applications per year in terms of growth potentials, drivers, challenges, barriers to entry and market attractiveness.
  • We conduct approximately 3,000 primary interviews each year across various nodes of value chains in over 30 countries.
  • Lucintel researchers are routinely sought after to advise and comment on new applications, technologies, and innovations. Lucintel analysts have spoken at over 50 conferences worldwide, and were cited more than 1,000 times in business media since 2000.

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