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Leverage Lucintel’s core competency in market research to better understand market trends, competitive landscape, opportunities, material pricing, and many more. Lucintel 360 subscription service will help you to make data driven business decisions, it also saves your time and money in doing research.

  Basic Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Access to Number of Lucintel Market Reports
 any 1 any 550+(One Sector)500+(All Sectors)
Monthly Materials Price Trends
Industry Dashboard (1,000+Market Data)
What's Trending
Customer/Competitor Monitoring
Monthly Market Update
Application Dashboard
Country Dashboard
Number of User Licenses*
Payment (Billed Annually)(>10% saving, when paid annually)
$199 / Month
$2,220 / Year
$499 / Month
$5,568 / Year
$750 / Month
$8,388 / Year
$1,099 / Month
$11,988 / Year
$1,850 / Month
$19,980 / Year
Market Reports
Opportunity Dashboard
Monthly Indicators
Lucintel market reports cover the information you need including market size trends, forecasts, drivers, opportunities etc. in hundreds of markets
Lucintel helps you to identify opportunities and end use applications in various industries like automotive, aerospace, chemical, composites, etc. It also provides economic data for hundreds of countries
Get access to changes in annual as well as monthly shipment data for various industries like automotive, aerospace, composites, construction, etc.
Materials Price Trends
Real Time Monitoring
Property Comparison
Get access to annual and monthly price changes in various fibers (glass fiber, carbon fiber), resins (UPR, vinylester, epoxy), metals (steel, aluminum) and polymers
Real time monitoring of various business activities like merger and acquisition, new product launches, business expansion etc. of customers and competitors
Property comparison of different materials like aluminum, steel, composites, etc.