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There is a little doubt that composite materials are rapidly becoming a mainstream technology within many industries, from aerospace to wind energy. And as demand for more composite applications increases in the coming years, composite materials price movements will experience fluctuations due to changes in supply and demand, energy costs, and production capacity. Knowledge of price changes and the underlying reasons for these changes will produce advantages for those that have greater insights into price movements. Similarly, those that do not have these insights will be placed at a disadvantage according to, "Composite Materials Price Trends, Forecast, and Analysis" an informative new research report from Lucintel.

This critical information offers readers an enormous amount of actionable content by comparing prices of various types of raw materials used in the composites industry as well as prices of competing materials such as aluminum, steel, lumber and thermoplastics. The price data were collected from material suppliers as well as fabricators / molders, including boat builders, pultruders, sporting goods manufacturers, pipe and tank manufacturers, aerospace companies and many others.

Created through rigorous quantitative and qualitative research and analysis, Lucintel accurately provides historical movement in prices and points to possible future price direction. In summary, no other research organization has collected and analyzed such a va

 1. Introduction to Report  

 2. Current Price Analysis  
 2.1. Current Resin Price and Lead Time Analysis  
 2.2. Current Reinforcement Price and Lead Time Analysis  
 2.3. Regional Variations  
 2.4. Competing Materials Price and Lead Time Analysis  
 2.5. Comparison of Composite Materials Price with Competing Materials  

 3. Trend Analysis  
 3.1. Resin Price Trend Analysis  
 3.2. Reinforcement Price Trend Analysis  
 3.3. Trend Analysis for End Products  

 4. Coping Strategy with Price Changes  

 5. Raw Materials Price Forecast  
 5.1. Forecast for Resin Prices  
 5.2. Forecast for Reinforcement Prices  

List of Figures  
List of Tables  
About Lucintel  
List of Figures
Chapter 2
Fig. 2.1: Cost comparison for metals and composites based on weight and strength.
Chapter 3
Fig. 3.1: Resin Price (1Q 2006 – 2Q 2007) $/lb.
Fig. 3.2: Annual price change of resins 2001 – 2007 (current).
Fig. 3.3: Annual price trend in commodities 1987 – 2008 (current).
Fig. 3.4: Quarterly price change of oil in $/€ per Bbl (2002 – 2008).
Fig. 3.5: Declining Strength of US Dollar Abroad (USD / Foreign Currency).
Fig: 3.6: Quarterly indexed movements of foreign currencies per USD (1Q 2007 constant)
Fig. 3.7: Annual price change of Single End Direct Roving Glass Fiber.
Fig. 3.8: Annual price change of 12K and 24K reinforcements (2001 – 2008) $ / lb.
Fig. 3.9: Firm orders for Boeing’s 787 2004 – 2008.
Fig. 3.10: Composite demand price index.  One year CAGR (2007 – 2008)
Fig. 3.11: Competing materials commodity price trends (2001 to 2008)
Fig. 3.12: Commodity price trends by quarter (1Q 2001 – 4Q 2008)
Fig. 3.13: Compound annual growth rate of competing materials for the last 3 and 6 Years
Chapter 4
Fig. 4.1: Comparison of natural gas with crude and soybean oil prices 1987-2007
List of Tables
Chapter 2
Table 2.1: Current Resin Prices ($/lb) and Lead Times (medium volume).
Table 2.2: Current Reinforcement Price ($/lbs.) and Lead Times (Medium volume).
Table 2.3: Current Competing Materials Price ($/lbs) and Lead Times for medium to large quantities.
Table 2.4: Cost comparison for metals and composites based on weight, strength and modulus.
Chapter 3
Table 3.1: Quarterly change in resin material prices (1Q 2006 – 2Q 2007).
Table   3.2: Price changes in various raw materials for the composites industry   as well as in competing materials during last 6 years.
Chapter 5
Table 5.1: Price forecast for polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and polyurethane resin
Table 5.2: Price forecast for glass and carbon fibers.

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Title/Chapter Name Pages Price
Full Report: Composite Materials Price Trends, Forecasts and Analysis Full Report $ 4,850
Total 49 pages
Chapter - 1: Executive Summary 3 $ 435
1. Introduction to Report
Chapter - 2: Current Price Analysis 10 $ 218
2. Current Price Analysis
2.1 Current Resin Price and Lead Time Analysis
2.2 Current Reinforcement Price and Lead Time Analysis
2.3 Regional Variations
2.4 Competing Materials Price and Lead Time Analysis
2.5 Comparison of Composite Materials Price with Competing Materials
Chapter - 3: Trend Analysis 23 $ 3,698
3. Trend Analysis
3.1 Resin Price Trend Analysis
3.2 Reinforcement Price Trend Analysis
3.3 Trend Analysis for End Products
3.4 Trend Analysis for Competing Materials (Aluminum, Steel, etc.)
Chapter - 4: Coping Strategy with Price Changes 3 $ 943
4. Coping Strategy with Price Changes
Chapter - 5: Raw Materials Price Forecast 2 $ 1,088
5. Raw Materials Price Forecast
5.1 Forecast for Resin Prices
5.2 Forecast for Reinforcement Prices
Lucintel has been in the business of market research and management consulting since 2000 and has published over 1000 market intelligence reports in various markets / applications and served over 1,000 clients worldwide. This study is a culmination of four months of full-time effort performed by Lucintel's analyst team. The analysts used the following sources for the creation and completion of this valuable report:
  • In-depth interviews of the major players in this market
  • Detailed secondary research from competitors’ financial statements and published data 
  • Extensive searches of published works, market, and database information pertaining to industry news, company press releases, and customer intentions
  • A compilation of the experiences, judgments, and insights of Lucintel’s professionals, who have analyzed and tracked this market over the years.
Extensive research and interviews are conducted across the supply chain of this market to estimate market share, market size, trends, drivers, challenges, and forecasts. Below is a brief summary of the primary interviews that were conducted by job function for this report.
Thus, Lucintel compiles vast amounts of data from numerous sources, validates the integrity of that data, and performs a comprehensive analysis. Lucintel then organizes the data, its findings, and insights into a concise report designed to support the strategic decision-making process. The figure below is a graphical representation of Lucintel’s research process.