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The Impact of COVID-19 is included in Technology Landscape, Trends and Automotive Air Intake Manifold Market. Buy it today to get an advantage.

Request the impact of COVID-19 on your product or industry

The material technologies in automotive air intake manifold have undergone significant change in recent years, with caste iron, aluminum to composite plastics. The rising wave of new material technologies, such as nylon 6,6 composite material, and impact resistance plastic are creating significant potential for automotive air intake manifold in various vehicle to evenly distribute the combustion mixture to each intake port in the cylinder head, which optimize the efficiency and performance of the engine.

In this market, various material technologies, such as iron, aluminum, and composite plastic are used to manufacture polyamide, polypropylene, and composite based air intake manifolds. Increasing vehicle production, growing demand for lightweight air intake manifold to reduce overall vehicle weight and stringent government regulations are creating opportunities for various automotive air intake manifold technologies.

This report analyzes technology maturity, degree of disruption, competitive intensity, market potential, and other parameters of various technologies in the automotive air intake manifold market. Some insights are depicted below by a sample figure. For more details on figures, the companies researched, and other objectives/benefits on this research report, please download the report brochure.

Global automotive air intake manifold market by technology type