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Market Entry Strategy from Lucintel


Lucintel specializes in helping growing companies develop plans and raise capital in order to fund faster growth, perform management buyouts or leveraged buyouts, make acquisitions, or refinance corporate debt.

We have contracts with various investors having access to over $1 Billion growth capital. Contact us, if you are looking for funding or looking to sell your business. Through in-depth strategic, financial, and industry analyses, we bring forth all the necessary information needed to make the choice for your company and its investors.

Lucintel’s extensive relationships with corporate clients, institutional investors, buy-out investors, and private equities enable us to assist clients in finding the right partner

We are involved in clients’capital requirement process from the start- strategy development and due diligence to closing the deal. We help identify buyers/sellers, understand the risks involved with buying a specific business, negotiate an advantageous valuation, make sure the acquisition is structured appropriately, assist in maintaining good relations with the seller, and help overcome any stumbling blocks that arise along the way to a successful closing.

Our clients value our association as a trusted advisor who works on their behalf, alongside the entrepreneur and management team in order to raise capital or execute the corporate finance strategy.

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