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YCOM Composite Lightweight All-Electric Race Scooter Selected by Eskootr Championship August 30 2021

2021 Composites Market Update 34

YCOM (Stradella, Lombardy, Italy), a company that specializes in motorsports engineering and lightweight composite design, has completed the official delivery and testing of its high-performance composite S1-X eSkootr for the eSkootr Championship (eSC), a new racing series that highlights e-mobility and frontier innovation. Supplied to all eSC competitors, the S1-X Skootr is YCOM’s first full-electric vehicle and can reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.
It utilizes two compact, state-of-the-art 6kW electric motors in combination with a 1.5kWh battery supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering. The S1-X’s carbon fiber chassis is clad with aerodynamic and environmentally friendly bodywork, with adjustable front and rear suspension elements made from CNC-machined aluminum. All of these lightweight components mean that the eSkootr weighs just 35kg.

To enhance high-speed stability, a torque delivery system balances output between the front and rear wheels. A temporary boost function is also available to riders during races. The S1-X eclipses conventional street scooters – in the same way, a race car has much higher performance than a family sedan – and is capable of achieving race speeds in excess of 100km/h (62mph).

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