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X-Treme 32, the Newest All-Round Racer from G-Force Yachts October 01 2018

2018 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, October 01, 2018

The X-Treme 32 is the newest all-round racer from boat builder G-Force Yachts. Built using Divinycell HM and CCG expertise, it is truly lightweight and faster than fast.

With the X-Treme 32, G-Force Yachts has aimed to manufacture a top-quality offshore racer while keeping handicap systems in mind. The boat is extremely fast and demonstrates speeds never before experienced in a fixed keel monohull.

In order to go faster, the X-Treme 32 required a substantial weight reduction. The helm is made of prepreg carbon fiber with an epoxy foam core while the mast and boom are made of carbon fiber. Using Diab’s lightweight core material Divincycell HM there were benefits to be had, including high specific shear strength.

Benefitting from the engineering expertise from Composites Consulting Group (CCG) and the molding skills of the Spain-based company Xuquer, the X-Treme 32 has been designed to sail fast, reducing the wetted surface to a minimum in the event of the boat listing slightly and to increase its stability if it does. The project has involved a naval architect from the USA, engineers from CCG in Australia and boat builders from the Netherlands. With core materials from Sweden-based Diab and molding expertise from Spain, the X-Treme 32 has benefitted from truly global expertise.

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