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UAV SOLUTIONS, INC. Delivers UAS Pneumatic Launch System (PLS) August 02 (2021

(2021 Composites Market Update 31

UAV Solutions, Inc. (UAVS) states that the company delivered its small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) Pneumatic Launch System (PLS) to Special Operations Forces. The PLS has been selected by a variety of military organizations and national laboratories as a replacement to their much more cumbersome and costly launching systems. The PLS supports a variety of current operational air vehicles of up to 30 lbs. in mass gross takeoff weight (MGTOW). Additionally, this system can be adapted to nearly any existing or newly developed sUAS that need a consistent reliable ground or sea launch capability. Deliveries of the PLS began in November of 2019 with over forty (40) units being sold to date. The main components are manufactured of composite material keeping the system weight low for a single operator as well as facilitating seaborne use.

The PLS utilizes a simple pneumatic charging solution that gives granular adjustment for vehicle weight or changes in density altitude, proving much more efficient than legacy bungee or spring systems. Fully adjustable bipod and support arms make possible operation from uneven surfaces and for a variety of vehicle configurations.

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