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Tough Bicycle Helmet Made from New Composite Materials by French specialty materials leader Arkema August 02 (2021

(2021 Composites Market Update 31

A team of researchers from NTU’s School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, in collaboration with the French specialty materials leader Arkema, have developed a safer bicycle helmet using a combination of materials.

The helmet’s outer shell developed by Arkema is made from a new thermoplastic resin named Elium, and is reinforced with carbon fiber. This reinforcement makes the outer shell tougher, stiffer, and less brittle than a polycarbonate shell.

It also increases the helmet’s contact time, which is the total time of impact in which the helmet experiences impact load.

These properties allow the outer shell to absorb more impact energy over a longer period, while also dissipating it evenly throughout the helmet. This results in less overall force reaching the head, thereby reducing the chances of critical injury.

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