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Technical Paper Winners for CAMX 2022 November 28 2022

2022 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, November 28, 2022

CAMX – The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo has declared the names of the Technical Paper Award winners. Every year, CAMX recognizes outstanding research that will impact the next generation of composites innovation. CAMX technical papers cover critical areas that are important to the composites and advanced materials industry from business, applications, and research perspectives.
Following is the names of this year’s winners:
• Design and Fabrication of an Energy Absorbing Hybrid S-Glass/Epoxy Composite Laminate with Shear Thickening Fluid Infused Fabrics for Impact Applications | Erik A. Hobbs, Richard D. Dombrowski, Norman Wagner, Bazle Haque
• Effects of Mechanical Recycling on Carbon Fiber-Based Hybrid Composites | Mitchell L. Rencheck, Vipin Kumar, Halil Tekinalp, Vinit Chaudhary, Samarthya Bhagia, Vlastimil Kunc, Soydan Ozcan, Brian Knouff, Uday Vaidya, and Patrick Blanchard
• Influence of Process Conditions on the Extrudate and Inter-Bead Geometries in Extrusion Deposition Additive Manufacturing | Pasita Pibulchinda, Eduardo Barocio, Anthony J. Favaloro, R. Byron Pipes
• Large Scale Polymer Additive Manufacturing of Lightweight Foam Structures | Tyler Smith, Vipin Kumar, Vidya Kishore, Katie Copenhaver, John Lindahl, Vlastimil Kunc
• Natural Fiber Composites with Enhanced Impact-Damage Resistance Via Bioinspired Helicoid Fiber Architectures | Lorenzo Mencattelli,Jia Long Liu, Ping Yee Chua, Van Phan Nguyen Hong, Vincent B C Tan, Tong-Earn
• Through Transmission Laser Welding of PPS and PEI Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites | Jeff L. Ellis, Miranda Marcus, Matt A. Nitsch.