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Spraywall, the High-Build Polyurethane Lining, Developed and Manufactured By Sprayroq Chosen by the University Of Texas August 02 (2021

(2021 Composites Market Update 31

Spraywall was chosen by the University of Texas at Arlington in a 2020 study to create testing and application standards for spray-applied pipe rehabilitation liners in the Department of Transportation markets.

SprayWall was the only polymeric material to participate in this innovative test, with the other test material being a cementitious spray-applied liner.

Both materials were applied to invert-less corrugated metal pipe culverts, designed to simulate deteriorated pipes that failed at the invert, where ring compression forces are the strongest. The control pipe, with no spray-applied treatment, was not able to resist the applied pressure from the test on its own. When treated with SprayWall, the pipe’s load-carrying capacity was increased by 471.7% at 250 mils of application, 484.8% at 500 mils of application, and 802.7% at 1000 mils of application.

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