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SkyDrive and Toray Carbon Magic Partnership to Develop Composite Vehicle Structure, Pursuing Type Certification August 01 2022

2022 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, August 01, 2022

SkyDrive Inc., headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, has partnered with Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd. ("TCM"), based in Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, and providing advanced carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) products for the automotive, aerospace and other industries, to develop a composite vehicle's structure together. The two partners started with material conformity testing.
SkyDrive is developing flying cars to realize a future that utilizes the sky for daily transportation. In 2025, it aims to enter into service in the Osaka Bay Area using the flying car of the SkyDrive Type "SD-05," a two-seater vehicle for which SkyDrive is currently pursuing type certification.
The most important factor in the development of the two-seater SD-05 is to reduce the weight of the vehicle. TCM's design and manufacturing technologies and facilities are extremely effective in achieving this goal, and the pair has been engaged in discussions and prototypes of a light and strong CFRP structure for flying cars.
SkyDrive will proceed, together with TCM, with material conformity testing, acquire type certification, and promote development with the target of launching air taxi services in the Osaka Bay Area in 2025.

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