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SABIC’s New LNP THERMOCOMP Compounds Deliver Exceptional Warpage Control, Laser Welding Capability Allowing Design Freedom for Improved Signal Transmission for ADAS Radar Covers August 30 2021

2021 Composites Market Update 34

As urbanization propels the development of self-driving technology and broader implementation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive OEMs and tiers are actively seeking high-performance materials that can optimize the capabilities of today’s higher-frequency (>75 GHz), millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar units. To help meet this need, SABIC is launching two new materials, LNP THERMOCOMP WFC06I and WFC06IXP compounds, developed for the front and back enclosure covers (respectively) of next-generation radar units. The new glass fiber-reinforced polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) grades offer a very low dissipation factor (Df) and dielectric constant (Dk) to help support the transmission of higher-frequency radar signals. They also feature super-low warpage that allows designers to potentially create new, thinner covers that improve signal transmission. Furthermore, these new SABIC products can contribute to efficient radar unit assembly by supporting high-speed, high-precision laser welding. In fact, LNP THERMOCOMP WFC06I compound provides excellent laser transmission performance among PBT materials currently available.

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