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Qarbon Aerospace Successfully Completes Icing Tunnel Test for Patented Helios Ice Protection System January 16 2023

2023 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, January 16, 2023

Qarbon Aerospace, Inc. has successfully completed another icing tunnel test of their patented Helios Ice Protection System. Qarbon Aerospace’s Helios Ice Protection uses a heated graphite layer embedded in a thermoplastic composite leading edge. The graphite’s superior thermal conductivity produces heat significantly faster than legacy ice protection systems, which is a crucial benefit in ice protection technologies. The Helios test articles used for the icing tunnel test utilized Teijin carbon fiber materials and Web Industries’ Precision BiasPly technology. Web Industries’ patented technology produces bias-ply composites that allow for high-scale production in application specific formats, increasing efficiency and reducing waste. The successful Helios icing tunnel test validated a manufacturing concept for advanced manufacturing processes and low electrical power requirements. The new Helios Ice Protection electro-thermal system replaces bulky rubber pneumatic boots, gates, valves, tubing, controller, hardware, and nacelle heating systems. Helios transforms your aircraft with a safer, more advanced icing protection system. Helios Ice Protection is a generational leap forward and ready for use in platform specific applications.

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