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Pyka Declares Dan Grossman as President - Reveals Details of Electric Passenger Plane August 16 2021

2021 Composites Market Update 32

Pyka, maker of the first and only commercially certified 100% electric autonomous plane at work in precision agriculture, informed Dan Grossman (a pioneer in the electric mobility sector with Zipcar, Ford Motor Company and GM’s Maven program) as company President and revealed plans for a passenger and cargo electric plane based on proprietary technologies honed in autonomous crop spraying. Grossman joins a team of former Joby Aviation, Google, Wisk, Makani and Saildrone engineers and leaders creating the next era of sustainable human mobility.

“Electric and hydrogen propulsion technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the future of human mobility,” said Dan Grossman, President of Pyka. “Pyka’s benchmark-setting electric propulsion systems, safety critical control software, advanced avionics, and custom composite airframes result from years of work in agriculture with our Pelican aircraft, and I’m excited to have joined this talented team to bring the results to human passenger aviation.”

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