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Polyplastics' New 3D Printing Technology for DURACON (R) POM September 19 2022

2022 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, September 19, 2022

Polyplastics Co., Ltd., a leading global supplier of engineering thermoplastics, has developed three-dimensional (3D) printing technology for production of DURACON (R) polyoxymethylene (POM) products. The technology, known as Material Extrusion (MEX), delivers physical properties close to those of injection-molded articles despite being 3D-printed. Polyplastics will highlight the new 3D printing technology at the upcoming K 2022 exhibition (Hall 7A/B02) which runs October 19-26 in Duesseldorf, Germany.
The MEX process is a typical 3D printing technology that uses thermoplastic resin materials. With resin filaments as the material input, this method produces 3D structures by repeatedly tracing and layering while depositing a melted material extruded through a tiny nozzle.
Polyplastics is seeking a patent for the DURACON (R) POM 3D printing technology and at the same time the company is developing additional DURACON (R) POM filament materials for use in 3D printing, including reinforced grades.

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