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Nissin Digital Launches Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber Light Stands November 11 2019

2019 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, November 11, 2019

ExpoImaging, Inc., distributor of photographic accessories in the US and Canada, apprised of the availability of Nissin Digital’s new ultra-lightweight carbon fiber light stands. Available in two sizes, these lightweight and compact stands feature 3 folding carbon fiber legs that connect to a carbon fiber center column.

“Early reviewers are telling us that Nissin’s new carbon fiber lights stands are the best on the market,” said ExpoImaging CEO Erik Sowder. “They are ideally suited for travel photographers looking to reduce their gear load with smaller and lighter gear,” said Sowder.

The LS-55C is adjustable from 19”-79”, weighs 22oz, and supports a maximum load of 3.3lbs. When collapsed to its 19” length the LS-55C is short enough to fit in carry-on luggage and most gear bags. For heavier lights and accessories, the larger LS-65C is adjustable from 24”-106”, weighs 29oz, and supports a maximum load of 6.6lbs.