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Modmo Technologies Launches NX12 August 01 2022

2022 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, August 01, 2022

Irish micromobility company Modmo Technologies Ltd. has apprised of the development of their next generation, state-of-the-art ebike, the NX12.
Produced from carbon fiber composite pellets with thermoplastic composite, the NX12 frame is not only lightweight and highly durable but thoroughly recyclable with a mere 90 second frame production cycle. It contains a powerful, long-range, and removable 756WH battery, discreetly housed within its frame. Its 48 volt Sport Drive mid-motor, combined with the battery and durable Carbon Belt Drive, delivers 75Nm (max. 90Nm) of torque. The technologically advanced smart Android handlebar features maps, and monitors key performance data such as speed, battery life, trip distance, total distance travelled, full data access to the Drive System and more, while staying fully connected with GPS tracking, 4G and Bluetooth. Moreover, when paired with the Modmo App, the integrated anti-theft lock system will secure the bike safely in its location, curbing any potential bike theft. Finally, it features an automatic Enviolo Rear Hub for stepless shifting, and like all Modmo ebikes, it is designed to be fully modular.

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