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Massive 3D-Printed ‘Torch’ Honors Las Vegas Raiders Football Team’s Al Davis September 19 2022

2022 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, September 19, 2022

The Las Vegas Raiders football team wanted to commemorate their late owner Al Davis by creating a stunning architectural centerpiece in their new Las Vegas stadium.
Possibly the world’s tallest 3D-printed structure, it is a striking, nine-story-high “memorial torch” constructed of 225 3D-printed blocks made of carbon fiber-reinforced polycarbonate (PC), each weighing about 350 pounds. Inscribed high on the structure is a quote from their former owner, proclaiming: “The fire that burns brightest in the Raiders organization is the will to win.” The finished Al Davis Memorial Torch stands 93 feet tall and is the largest free-standing, 3D-printed structure in the world. The reinforced polycarbonate substructure is finished with 1,148 machined aluminum façade panels giving the structure its polished silver appearance.
Clinton, Tennessee-based Techmer PM, formulated and supplied 120,000 pounds of Electrafil, the carbon fiber-filled PC material.

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