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Hexcel at Paris Air Show 2019: Le Bourget, 17 – 23 June June 17 2019

2019 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, June 17, 2019

At this year's Paris Airshow [Le Bourget, June 17-23], Hexcel will promote a range of carbon fibers and composite materials used to manufacture high-performance weight-saving structures in civil aircraft, engines, helicopters, and space applications. Hexcel’s stand is located next to Hexcel’s official distributor for aerospace products, Groupe Gazechim Composites.

Visitors to the Hexcel stand will see an Integrated Wing Panel demonstrator and an I-beam, both made with HiTape carbon fiber reinforcements.

A sample part made from aluminum FlexCore that is CNC machined on both sides and formed and stabilized with both peel ply and flyaway layers of stabilization will be on display.

Another honeycomb innovation is Hexcel’s Acousti-Cap broadband noise-reducing honeycomb that significantly improves acoustic absorption in aircraft engine nacelles.

Another Hexcel technology to benefit aircraft engines is HexShield honeycomb which provides high-temperature resistance in nacelles.

Later this year Hexcel will open a joint research and development laboratory in Les Avenieres (Isere), France with Arkema to develop carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic prepreg tapes for aerospace, space and defense applications. A spool of thermoplastic prepreg tape will be on display on Hexcel’s stand to showcase this cost-effective technology that enables lightweight parts to be produced in faster production cycles for future generations of aircraft.

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