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Helicoid Industries Inc. Awarded CalTestBed Voucher for R&D Efforts in Leading Edge Protection Technology Led by California Energy Commission’s EPIC Funds August 16 2021

2021 Composites Market Update 32

Helicoid Industries Inc., which is commercializing the Helicoid biomimetic fiber-reinforced composite technology, announced that they have been awarded a voucher in the amount of $294,000.00 USD for the testing and commercialization of their Leading-Edge Protection Technology as part of the 2020 California Test Bed Initiative (CalTestBed) recommendation process, administered by New Energy Nexus.

"The Helicoid technology offers excellent impact resistance under various loading conditions, including low velocity/large mass impacts, high velocity/small mass impacts, up to ballistic impacts. A recent preliminary investigation on the performances of Helicoid to endure high frequency small mass impacts, such as the ones generated by water droplets or sand/dust on the leading edge of composite wind blades has revealed the capability of Helicoid substrates to greatly increase the resistance to rain erosion. The investigation on such complex impact fatigue phenomenon will be the focus of the CalTestBed voucher testing, to deliver a solution for lighter, higher efficiency, lower maintenance, and more durable wind blades.
Helicoid is a bio-inspired fiber-reinforced composite technology which draws its features from a wide variety of microstructures found in nature which have evolved to protect against severe impacts and harsh environments. Amongst these, the "smasher" Mantis shrimp, one of nature's feistiest predators, evolved an internal architecture to protect the hammer-like club it uses to pulverize prey with incredible speed and force. The unique architecture, called a Helicoid, protects the Mantis shrimp from self-inflicted damage as it delivers thousands of repeated impacts to hard-shelled prey. Such fiber architecture holds the ability of diffusing damage at a sub-critical level preventing the structure from catastrophic failure. Therefore, the club can dissipate energy while preserving its structural integrity. Helicoid Industries brings this bio-inspired concept to the fiber-reinforced composites industry, targeting a wide range of products and applications where impact resistance often limits structural efficiency and light-weighting potential.

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