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Crown Estate Scotland, Owens Corning, and TotalEnergies to Join SusWIND November 21 2022

2022 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, November 21, 2022

The National Composites Centre informed that three new members will be joining the SusWIND program: Crown Estate Scotland, Owens Corning, and TotalEnergies.
SusWIND was launched in 2021 by the NCC, in partnership with the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult to accelerate the development of technology, processes and materials that address the recyclability and future development of composite wind turbine blades.
Owens Corning provides a voice of the material supplier community in the circular economy value chain of wind turbine blades. Being part of SusWIND will provide Owens Corning with access to key material science research and enable collaboration to pursue circular economy opportunities for glass fiber from turbine blades.
Joining SusWIND will offer TotalEnergies further insight to the environmental impacts of the available end-of-life strategies, which should be deployed to deliver the lowest impact when decommissioning turbines.
Crown Estate Scotland joins as a Steering Board member. With Crown Estate Scotland joining SusWIND, the program will benefit by being able to increase its collaboration with the offshore wind industry in Scotland.
James Lightfoot, Senior Technology Program Manager at the National Composites Centre, said: “Within SusWIND we’re working towards quantified recommendations of using alternative materials and circularity in design to eliminate waste in production, preserve material value through life, and remove end-of-life reclamation challenges. We’re delighted to welcome our three leading stakeholders in the industry who will join us in delivering a sustainable future for composites in wind.”