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Covestro Contributes To Sustainability at Major Sporting Event with Innovative CO₂ Technology July 26 2021

2021 Composites Market Update 30

Covestro is using its cutting-edge carbon dioxide technology to contribute to a circular economy. For example, Covestro partnered with Australia-based Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) – a leading global manufacturer of polyurethane-based materials, acrylic coatings and artificial turf products – to develop the exclusive Poligras Tokyo GT field hockey surface in conjunction with sports flooring manufacturer Polytan. This product was developed for this summer's major sporting event in Tokyo, using Covestro's CO₂ technology specifically to produce the binder that sits beneath the surface.

The particularly sustainable new material, called cardyon, is a polyol produced with up to 20 percent CO₂. Covestro brought this groundbreaking technology to market a few years ago. It helps reduce the use of petroleum-based fossil raw material in polyol by up to one-fifth. This is an enormous advance and an innovative contribution to resource conservation and the circular economy for the plastics-producing industry and beyond. cardyon is manufactured at Covestro's Dormagen site near Cologne, Germany.

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