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Covestro and Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Launch Their 1000th Polyurethane Wind Rotor Blade December 05 2022

2022 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, December 05, 2022

Covestro and Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology (TMT), a pioneering PU wind turbine manufacturer, apprised of the launch of their 1000th PU wind turbine blade.
Covestro and TMT signed a memorandum of cooperation about a year ago, based on which significant commercialization results have been achieved. PU wind turbines are now being used in commercial wind farms throughout China.
Dr. Binbin Hou, General Manager of Wind Business at TMT, said, "PU wind blades cater to the growing demand for longer wind blade designs. We hope to further collaborate with Covestro to improve the competitiveness of wind energy through continuous technology innovation."
"We are very pleased to reach the important milestone of the launch of the 1000th blade with TMT," said Christine Bryant, Global Head of the Tailored Urethanes Business Entity at Covestro. "We believe that industrial collaboration is fundamental to addressing global warming and energy shortage issues, and it is also an important part of Covestro’s commitment to a circular economy."
TMT produces PU wind blades ranging from 59.5 meters to 94 meters in length with different blade designs and layup structures to meet the growing demand for longer and larger wind blades. The 94-meter wind turbine blade, capable of generating 8 MW of energy, is the largest PU application for Covestro so far.

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