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Composites Evolution Launches New Evopreg Amplitex Range of Flax-Epoxy Prepregs with Powerribs Reinforcement Grid for High-Performance Applications July 26 2021

2021 Composites Market Update 30

Composites Evolution Ltd. has teamed up with leading natural fiber reinforcement specialists Bcomp to launch a new range of flax-epoxy prepreg materials, designed to offer enhanced sustainability without compromising on performance.

Evopreg aplite prepregs combine Composites Evolution’s high-performance Evopreg epoxy resin systems with Bcomp’s award-winning aplite flax reinforcements, to deliver a family of materials which offer outstanding performance for component applications.

To reach the full performance of natural fibers, Evopreg aplite prepregs have been tailored to be compatible with Bcomp’s powerRibs reinforcement grid, enabling the same stiffness and weight as thin-walled monolithic carbon fiber parts while decreasing the CO2 footprint by 85% and improving safety thanks to a blunt braking behavior without dangerous debris or sharp edges.

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