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Composite Integration Embraces Low Environmental Impact Composites August 02 (2021

(2021 Composites Market Update 31

The challenges of recycling traditional glass/carbon polyester/epoxy composites are well known. The need exists to understand the processing requirements for a much wider range of fiber and resin systems, not only to ensure that Ciject equipment is capable of processing them, but also to understand the processing parameters to mold components successfully.

As part of its internal ‘Clean Composites’ strategy, Composite Integration is evaluating a range of natural/renewable/recyclable fiber and resin systems to ensure that it can provide comprehensive processing guidance to clients and partners.

To support this work, Composite Integration is working with the School of Engineering at the University of Plymouth, an institution with a long pedigree of both research and undergraduate teaching in the field of composite materials.

Placement Engineer, Joe Searle is currently carrying out both detailed research into available materials as well as practical processing evaluation trials.

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