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Collaboration between Cannon Tipos and Coriolis Composites November 21 2022

2022 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, November 21, 2022

Cannon Tipos, a Cannon Group company that is specialized in tooling processes for a wide range of technologies for polymer and composite materials, collaborated with Coriolis Composites for the fast and precise high-pressure resin transfer molding (HPRTM) of a near to net-shape dry preform manufactured with Coriolis’ patented automated fiber placement (AFP) technology.
Coriolis Composites is a world leader in the supply of AFP robotic equipment and machines which enables the laying of continuous or discontinuous fibers with minimum material wastage, in various orientations, even for complex geometrical surfaces, and has developed an innovative and exclusive process to make dry fiber functionalized preforms of composite parts for a range of industrial sectors, notably aerospace and automotive.
“It is only in the last decade that advanced, cost-effective engineered preform technologies have emerged replacing the need for labor-intensive and accurate alignment of several preforms in a HPRTM mold,” said Andrea Castelnovo, Technology and R&D Manager at Cannon Tipos. “The innovative near to net-shape dry preform developed through Coriolis’ AFP process and our steel mold, polished to a mirror finish, and high-pressure dosing machines and injection equipment helped realize a complex body-in-white structural part for local reinforcement using a single preform in a fast and easy process with high productivity and sustainable costs.”

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