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COBRA Supports HG Robotics with New Production Concept for the Carbon Fiber Composite VETAL Tail Sitter VTOL Drone August 02 (2021

(2021 Composites Market Update 31

Cobra International (COBRA) informed about the expansion of its development and manufacturing partnership with leading Thai UAV producer HG Robotics. In their latest collaboration, COBRA has supported HG Robotics with the development of an entirely new production concept for the new “VETAL” tail sitter VTOL drone.

Building upon earlier experience as a component manufacturer for HG Robotics, COBRA has strengthened the partnership with the new VETAL drone, supporting HG with the development of an entirely new production concept for the carbon fiber composite flying wing. Having developed the initial flying shape of the VETAL platform, HG Robotics had produced the first flying prototypes using a more traditional UAV construction technique of thin composite skins, with ribs and frames supporting the hollow structure.

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