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Carbon Fiber Grand Challenge Selects Successful Phase II Projects November 22 2021

2021 Lucintel Composites Market Insights, November 22, 2021

Alberta Innovates and the Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN) have selected 12 projects to participate in Phase II of the Carbon Fiber Grand Challenge (CFGC). Participating teams will share $5.27 million as they develop processes to scale up and improve the quality of carbon fiber manufactured from Alberta bitumen.

Nineteen submissions were made to Phase II of the CFGC program. Alberta Innovates and a committee of experts selected the 12 best projects which will be completed by early 2023.

The CFGC is a three-phase competition accelerating the development of carbon fiber derived from Alberta’s vast supply of bitumen. Phase I of the CFGC program was completed in early 2021, with multiple teams successfully extracting carbon fiber from bitumen derived asphaltenes. Phase II of the Challenge is a $5.27 million competition supported by a $3 million investment from CRIN’s ecosystem development funds, and $2.27 million from Alberta Innovates.

The Carbon Fiber Grand Challenge is directed towards funding the development of technologies that can convert Alberta oilsands asphaltenes into carbon fiber.