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Broetje-Automation Delivers Ecopositioners for Automated Built-In Stress-Compliant Joining In Aircraft Fuselages August 16 2021

2021 Composites Market Update 32

In Hamburg, a team of leading companies in the aviation industry is developing nothing less than the future of aircraft construction. As part of the BiSconA project, another “EcoPositioner” for precise component positioning was delivered to the ZAL Center for Applied Aviation Research. Broetje-Automation is thus already celebrating the 250th delivery of this modularized and highly precise positioning system specially developed for the aviation industry. Modularized and highly precise positioning system increases assembly accuracy and speed, enables digitization of CFRP aircraft components assembly for factory of the future.

With the EcoPositioner, Broetje-Automation offers a modular and reconfigurable positioning technology that guarantees maximum flexibility and product quality for aircraft assembly. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the technology enables the compensation of mechanical and thermal influences and thus fast positioning cycles. The holistic mechatronic system combines mechanics, control and measurement technology from a single source, which further optimizes system availability.

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