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Opportunity for Plastic Pipes in Middle East Region, September 2015

This Lucintel brief presents opportunity for plastic pipes in Middle East region. This briefing covers pipe applications, plastic pipe opportunity in Middle east, competitive analysis, and investment analysis. Some highlights of the briefing are as follows:
  • Middle east plastic pipe market was estimated at 1.1 Mn tons in 2014 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 6% in the next five years to reach 1.6 Mn tons in 2020
  • Middle east plastic pipe market account for 6% of the total plastic pipe market in 2014 and is the second fastest growing region in the next five years after Asia-Pacific
  • Continuous investment in water infrastructure, building & construction, and oil & gas industry are the growth drivers for plastic pipe market in Middle East
  • High corrosion and chemical resistance, lightweight, low installation time, ease of installation, durability are the major advantages of plastic pipe over metal and concrete pipes
  • PVC pipes alone accounts for more than 50% share in Middle East plastic pipe market in 2014, followed by Polyethylene (PE), and others (FRP, PP, etc.)
  • Water supply and sewage (drainage) are the major applications of plastic pipes, constitute together more than 50% share of the Middle East plastic pipe market
  • PE pipes and glass reinforced plastic pipes are likely to experience higher growth among all plastic pipes in the next five years in Middle East
  • Thermoplastic pipes such as PVC and PE are manufactured through extrusion process whereas FRP pipe is manufactured through filament winding process
  • The cost of extrusion and filament winding technology ranges from $0.2 to $5 million depending upon the plant capacity and equipment type
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