Growth Opportunities and Emerging Trends in Corrosion Resistant Pipe Market, January 2015

This Lucintel brief presents growth opportunities and emerging trends in corrosion resistant pipe market. This briefing covers corrosion in global pipe market, corrosion control techniques, key corrosion resistance pipes, growth opportunities for corrosion resistant pipe market, major emerging trends in corrosion resistant pipe market, growth strategies for corrosion resistant pipe manufacturers. Some highlights of the briefing are as follows:

  • Global pipe market was estimated at ~$200 billion in 2013.
    • Steel pipes are the most dominant in the global pipe market. Other dominant pipes are concrete and plastic pipes, especially the PVC pipes.
  • In the global pipe industry, corrosion is a serious issue across industries such as oil and gas exploration, oil and gas transmission, industrial and chemical, sewage, marine, water and waste water, etc.
    • Key piping system applications include chlorine/caustics handling, water lines, vent lines, sludge and slurry lines, brine slurry, floor drains, etc.
    • High cost of corrosion has led to increased usage of corrosion control mechanisms such as protective coatings, corrosion resistant materials, cathodic protection, and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Corrosion resistant pipes are gaining traction as a means of corrosion control and mitigation.
    • Key corrosion resistant pipes include metallic pipes made of stainless steel, carbon steel, nickel and it’s alloys, titanium and it’s alloys, etc. and non-metallic pipes made of such as fiber reinforced plastics (FRP), polypropylene (PP), fluoropolymers, etc.
    • Titanium and nickel pipes are most suitable in extreme conditions, but there use is limited due to high cost
    • PVC/CPVC, FRP, PP, and other plastics are preferred in medium temperature conditions and offer high cost benefit advantage as compared to titanium and nickel
  • Demand for corrosion resistant pipes is likely to surge in emerging applications such as flue gas desulfurization, hydraulic fracking, mineral extraction, etc.
  • Increasing usage of FRP pipes, increasing trenchless piping leading to increased usage of multi-layered pipes, and increased usage of titanium, nickel & FRP pipes due to shale gas revolution are the key emerging trends in corrosion resistant pipe market

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